Suggested Equipment List

**** Passport required for entry into Canada ****

* When hunting Saskatchewan in the fall, temperatures can range from 32F to -20F (0c  to -30c)

* Layering your clothing is of the utmost of importance.  Do not bring just one heavy jacket.  Your first layer should contain moisture wicking abilities (synthetic).  Additional layers should be made of wool and or synthetic materials such as fleece.  The amount of layers will depend on each individuals tolerance to the cold.  Do not skimp on your clothes, we quad each client right to their stands, so  we can handle lots of gear.

* Your hands and feet are the most difficult to keep warm.  Bring plenty of chemical hand and foot warmers. 

** Socks **
Layering your socks is also important.  Start with a thin moisture wicking synthetic (polypropylene) sock underneath a heavier wool sock.  Make sure you have plenty of circulation for your feet.

** Pac Boots **
Bring the best ones you can afford with the coldest rating you can find.  See "Saskatchewan Pac Boot" from Cabela's for an example.  Leave plenty of room for the addition of a chemical heat pad.

** Hands **
There are 2 good options here, mitts or a hand muff.  Large mitts big enough to allow for chemical hand warmers as well as a thin pair of gloves are the first  option.   A hand muff worn around the waist with a couple of hand warmers inside, along with a thin pair of gloves is also a good way to go.

** Ultimate Warmth **
For the ultimate warmth get yourself a heater body suit or something like it.  

** Head **
Any hat used for hunting must be solid red or orange.  This is Saskatchewan law.  We rocommend a wool stocking cap (toque) that covers the ears with or with out a face mask.  For ultimate coverage, try a thin balaclava underneath your wool cap.

** Outer Cover Suit **
An outer orange vest or white, yellow or red jacket is required by law.

Check Lists

-Soft Gun Case

-Solid Orange Hunting Vest and Hat

-Shooting Sticks

-Cell Phone that works in Canada


Clothing Hunting Gear Personal
mits/hand muff/gloves
boots/camp shoes/slippers
underwear/long underwear
hunting/camp pants
hunting sweaters/vest
hunting/layering jacket
insulated parka/bibs
shooting sticks
plenty of premium ammo/arrows
day pack, large enough for extra clothes and lunch, etc.
camera/video camera/film/memory card
cell phone
extra batteries
sun glasses
3 unsigned firearm
declaration forms with 25$ cdn.